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Get the best chauffeur drive experience across the UAE through Our professionally-trained drivers with range of premium cars, including the LEXUS / TOYOTA PREVIA 2021 , are available 24x7. Be it a limo pick-up for your VIP guests at the airport or a first-class tour of Dubai / Abu Dhabi by a uniformed, professional drivers. Make a hassle-free booking today! Lowest rates including clean, disinfected car, fuel, salik (toll) charges, driver and VAT.


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Rent a Car without Deposit

When you are in Dubai to enjoy the city's beautiful sites, make sure to get a comfortable ride to take you around. We advise tourists to rent a car when in Dubai so that they may enjoy their trip without the hassles of public transport and taxi service.
With Tajeer, when you rent a car, you do not have to pay a security deposit, which is usually happens with other car rental companies. However, Tajeer will block the amount on your credit without hassle of paying cash in advance.
Now, you might be thinking, what benefits can it bring? We will walk you through the benefits of not having to pay the security cash deposit as you rent a car in Dubai.

What Exactly Is a Car Rental Deposit?

A car charter security deposit is the money the rental agency holds on your credit card when you pick up the vehicle. Typically, the deposit consists of the following items:

Insurance Excess

The amount deducted from your credit card to cover unforeseen damages or a terrific fines. It should be remembered that the exact figure can vary greatly depending on the type of car and your location.

Fuel Deposit

Many car rental companies we compare have a reasonable full-to-full gas policy. A credit card deposit is required for a full gas tank. However, you will be reimbursed if you return the vehicle with a full tank.

Benefits of Renting a Car without Advance Cash Deposit

You shouldn't worry about all the hassles involving deposits and cash on a trip. Therefore, for your ease, Tajeer provides an easy way out. Lets have a look at the benefits:

You avoid the high costs

Paying in advance makes a car much more expensive and leaves little cash with you for enjoying your leisure time in the beautiful city of Dubai. With Tajeer, enjoy having to pay no cash deposit in advance.

You have cash in your hands.

Your money is temporarily restricted from use, which may be inconvenient if you are on vacation and want to enjoy yourself to the fullest. You will have more money to spend in the city if you do not pay a security deposit.

Increases customer trust

Customers often look for another option to avoid the stress and inconvenience of security deposits. The hassle-free car rental can help you build customer trust and retain them in the long run. Giving customers simple procedures makes them happy with your services and gives you a competitive advantage. This eventually leads to increased customer loyalty.

Car rental without deposit

Security deposits facilitate a smooth connection between the client and the company while financially protecting both.
The parameters surrounding them are frequently complex, and many people misinterpret them as supplemental payments, which they are not. Therefore, Tajeer provides its customers with easy procedures and avoids complex cash deposits to build customer trust and provide hassle-free services.

Rent a car with driver

Chauffeur Service in Dubai

Do you often have business meetings in Dubai and regularly need to hire a car with driver pick you to and from the airport? Are you always on the go in Dubai, going from one session to the next? If you answered yes, you should think about rent a car with driver service or chauffeur service.
When you choose chauffeur service in Dubai, you will enjoy a dependable mode of transportation and the opportunity to make a statement about your class and personality.

Why I should hire a car with driver in Dubai

Although having a driver to take you around Dubai has many benefits, we will only discuss a few. These are:

No Stress

Even though Dubai traffic is well-organized, traffic jams do occur. The last thing you would need is to be concerned about how to get to your meeting on time or who to email, call, or text. You shouldn't worry about driving and getting to meetings when you have so much on your mind. You can use your travel time to do more important things, such as making important calls, reading reports, and catching up on email correspondence.
You can only do this if you have a professional driver or chauffeur transporting you around Dubai, and you wouldn't have to worry about the stress of driving and arriving on time. The driver will take the quickest and safest route to get you where you need to go.

Build a High-End Brand Image

Using executive luxury chauffeur services can do wonders for the image of your company. It will change the way your clients and partners perceive your company. You can use the service to meet clients flying into Dubai, which will reflect well on you and your company. Having a private chauffeur at your leisure demonstrates that your company is distinct and high-class.


As a busy executive, the last thing you want to be concerned about is navigating traffic or arriving on time for your next meeting. When you hire a driver or chauffeur, you can concentrate on your business or meeting instead of worrying about how to get there. The chauffeur service will provide you with a luxurious car and chauffeur to travel you from one location to another, and you can rely on them to get you to your destination on time.
The private driver or chauffeur service will get you there safely, comfortably, and on time, whether it's Dubai airport transfers or a business meeting.

Hire a car with driver

Many business executives believe that chauffeur service in Dubai is expensive and only available to the wealthy and famous. On the contrary, you will find that it is a cost-effective service that allows you to travel in luxury cars comfortably. So, if you want to take the mazximum advantage of these and other benefits in Dubai, hire a chauffeur service. You will not be regretful.
Download the Tajeer mobile app and hire a chauffeur now. Its convenient and the best option out there.


Point-to-point Transfers:

We offer non-stop, one-way chauffeured car service in Dubai. Bookings can include inter-emirate transfers, hotel transfers, client transportation Basically, any one-way travel from point A in Dubai to point B across the UAE in our range of vehicles.

Airport Transfers:

Our booking team ensures that you are picked you up on time for arrivals before your flight check-in time at DXB / DWC, AUH, SHJ or any other airport or port in the UAE. Our chauffeurs also pick up guests from the arrival terminal holding up a name card.

Hourly Chauffeur Service:

Professional chauffeured car service for a number of hours based on your requirement. It can start from your choice of location within the emirates. Suitable for inter-emirate day trips, hosting guests, client meetings, escorting VIP guests and so on.

Event Transportation:

Focusing on quality control and brand representation, we provide full end-to-end ground transportation service for events of any size in Dubai. A dedicated operations manager is assigned to your planned events with our uniformed chauffeurs.

Financial Roadshows:

Our proficient team has a keen understanding of UAE's transport network and traffic regulations. We have managed high-profile roadshows for global clients efficiently. Our pre-planned itineraries follow through accurately yet able to accommodate last minute changes.

All-inclusive rates with a professional chauffeur, fuel and salik (toll) charges
Service rendered by one of the region's best limousine service companies
Free upgrade if class of car booked isn't available
Free cancellation upto 24 hours from pick-up time
Trips starting at the airport include free meet and greet service
Complimentary 90 minutes waiting time at the airport
A brilliant experience – guaranteed!


Our fleet includes only the latest, top-end model cars from world-class auto brands
Every car comes equipped with GPS, USB charging points, leather seats, Bluetooth, bottled water, hand sanitizer and dry / wet tissues
Before every service, our cars are professionally washed, cleaned and disinfected


Our team of drivers are well-trained, uniformed to deliver best-in-class service at all times

They are always punctual and generally arrive before time at the pick-up location

They come with RTA-approved license, health & life insurance, and valid UAE visa

All our drivers have been vaccinated and are regularly tested for Covid-19

They follow all safety measures including wearing of face mask and gloves at all times

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