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How much does it cost to rent a volkswagen cars in Dubai?

Depending on the car model, rent volkswagen in Dubai is between AED 1550 to AED 1550 per day and around AED 37200 per month. Naturally, newer and higher models are more expensive compared to older ones. Nonetheless, you’re sure to find the most affordable car rental prices only on - free of commission and booking fees - as you’ll be hiring the car directly from the car rental provider.

Rent Volkswagen in Dubai and Bask in its Enchantment

Rent Volkswagen in Dubai and enjoy a comfortable and reliable mode of transportation that allows you to explore Dubai at your own pace. The German automaker is renowned for its top-notch vehicles. Renting one in Dubai will only enhance your journey. With various models at your disposal, including the agile and nimble Polo, the stylish and practical Passat, and the powerful and spacious Touareg, you can discover the ideal Volkswagen that caters to your requirements. 


The hallmark features of Volkswagen

Volkswagen embodies the perfect fusion of style, performance, and reliability. Below are some attributes that make this car an unparalleled selection for your next rental:


Sleek and modern design

Volkswagen automobiles are synonymous with their sleek and modern design, characterised by refined contours and a sporty facade that will surely attract attention on the road.


Comfortable interior

Whether embarking on a lengthy road trip or simply carrying out daily errands, you will undoubtedly appreciate the Volkswagen's ample seating and abundant legroom, instilling a feeling of relaxation and ease while driving.


Advanced safety features

Volkswagen vehicles are equipped with an array of sophisticated safety features to ensure your safety and that of your passengers while on the road.

From automatic emergency braking to lane departure warning, you can drive confidently, knowing you are well-protected.


Fuel efficiency

With the escalating cost of gasoline, fuel efficiency has become more critical than ever. 

Volkswagen cars are recognised for their exceptional fuel efficiency, which allows you to relish a smooth ride while saving money at the pump.


Pleasurable to drive

Volkswagen cars are genuinely pleasurable to drive! With their responsive handling, nimble manoeuvrability, and vigorous engines, you will feel as if you are behind the wheel of a high-performance sports car.


Rent top Volkswagen models today

Numerous models are at your disposal for Volkswagen Rental in UAE. We can distinguish among the most renowned and discernible Volkswagen models for hire:


Volkswagen Golf for rent in Dubai

A favoured compact automobile, distinguished for its practicality, comfort, and reliability. 

The Golf is a versatile vehicle ideal for urban driving and long-distance trips. 

It features a spacious interior and a smooth ride, making it a comfortable option for small groups and families. 

The Golf is also fuel-efficient, rendering it an economical choice for renters.


Volkswagen Jetta for rent in Dubai

The Jetta is a compact sedan known for its smooth handling, comfortable ride, and spacious interior. 

It boasts a stylish and modern design and is equipped with advanced safety features, rendering it a safe option for renters. 

The Jetta is also fuel-efficient, making it a practical and comfortable choice for renters who want an affordable car.


Volkswagen Passat Rent Dubai

The Passat is a midsize sedan recognised for its roomy interior, comfortable ride, and remarkable performance. 

Its elegant and luxurious interior makes it a fitting choice for renters who crave a premium driving experience. 

The Passat is also equipped with advanced safety features, rendering it a safe option for families and small groups.


Rent Volkswagen Tiguan 2020 in Dubai

The Tiguan is a compact SUV renowned for its versatile performance, spacious interior, and advanced features. 

It features a modern design and is equipped with advanced safety features, making it a safe option for families and small groups. 

The Tiguan is also fuel-efficient, making it an economical choice for renters who crave a practical and comfortable SUV.


Rent Volkswagen Atlas 2023 in Dubai

The Atlas is a midsize SUV known for its spacious interior, comfortable ride, and advanced features. 

It features a stylish and modern design and is equipped with advanced safety features, rendering it a safe option for families and small groups. 

The Atlas also delivers impressive performance and can handle various driving conditions, making it suitable for renters who crave a reliable and versatile SUV.


Rent Volkswagen in Dubai - Our rent-a-car rates

The Volkswagen Rental in UAE fee is subject to variation based on numerous factors, including the model, location, duration of the rental, and season. 

Concerning the most economical Volkswagen models for rental purposes, the Polo and the Golf are generally recommended. These compact and fuel-efficient models perfectly suit urban travel and brief excursions. 

Conversely, the priciest Volkswagen models available for rent could include the Touareg or the Arteon. These models are grander in scale and more luxurious, equipped with more sophisticated amenities and superior performance capabilities.


Premium Volkswagen rental in UAE with Tajeer

Experience the zenith of Volkswagen automobile leasing in Dubai at unprecedented rates with our exceptional platform. 

Tajeer offers an array of esteemed car rental offices, rendering it your sole destination for a complimentary excursion. 

Our luxurious car rental amenities in Dubai are bespoke to your every requirement, with the following attributes standing out prominently:

  • Rent a luxury car Dubai for a superior experience.

  • Choose from an array of sports car rental options.

  • Rent SUV Dubai to enjoy more room and luxuriousness.

  • Unearth reasonably priced alternatives with our economy car rental Dubai.

  • Rent a car with driver for added convenience and comfort.

  • Rent a car per hour in Dubai and fulfil your brief transportation needs.

  • Find the cheapest monthly car rental Dubai for prolonged conveyance necessities.

  • Rent a car dubai airport directly for effortless transportation.

  • Find convenient options with our “Rent a car near me” feature.

  • Enjoy the Cheapest rent a car in Dubai without deposit.

Elevate your experience of car rental services in Dubai by choosing Tajeer and indulging in a ride of pure luxury. Book now and set forth on your unforgettable journey.

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Rent a car Dubai Volkswagen and enjoy the thrill of driving a world-renowned car brand known for its reliability and performance. Choose Volkswagen with Tajeer and explore Dubai in style.

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