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Rent a car mobile app benefits

Even if you don’t need to rent a car right away, there’s still nothing worse than a longwinded process that makes you fill out stacks of paperwork and jump through a series of hoops before you’re even remotely close to booking a rental car. And when it comes to pay for the rental, the company will only take credit cards, and guess what, you don’t have one!


Many aspects of renting a car via traditional means (such as instore or through a website) can be intensely frustrating, and leave you wishing you’d just paid the extra for a taxi or stuck to public transport. With car rental mobile apps, on the other hand, you get a convenient and quick response, and can usually pay using a variety of methods. Not only that, but cancellations and adjustments are simplified, and what’s best is that the app is always open for business!


Here are 6 benefits of using a car rental app that you could begin enjoying, today:



Cars can be delivered to a variety of locations


Manual renting usually means that you have to go a specified location to collect the car, which may be nowhere near you or where you need to go. By using a mobile rental app, however, you can request that the car be brought to your location, or at least be collected from somewhere much closer to you.



Directly from local car rental suppliers. No commission, no mark-ups, enjoying, Today !

No paperwork required!


This is a huge drawback of renting a car manually, whereas all that a mobile app requires is that you download it onto your device, register and select your destination, car, and rental term – bingo, couldn’t be quicker or easier!


Great cars at great prices


If you choose a reputable and experienced car rental firm in Dubai, you should find that they have a wide selection of cars at a wide variety of prices, with something to suit every budget. From practical and efficient models that will get you safely from a to b, to super cars that will get you wherever you need to be, and fast; whatever your need or desire, they can usually fulfils it.


Tajeer Car Rental
Tajeer Car Rental

Simplified payments


In most instances, all that you’ll need to make a safe and secure payment for your rental when using a mobile app, is the information on your driver’s license and your payment details, and there are usually a variety of ways to pay, too.


Cancellations and changes are made easy


Sometimes having to make a cancellation or amendment to a rental booking is unavoidable, and with a mobile app, you get the flexibility to make changes without having to speak to someone in person or be forced to wait hours for confirmation.


There are no hidden costs



Hidden charges are the bane of many a traditional car rental company in Dubai, but with a mobile app (and a reputable rental company), it’s virtually impossible to fall victim to hidden costs as all of your transactions take place on the app, right in front of your eyes.

Rent a car in Dubai using a mobile app makes the entire process so simple and convenient, that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never rent a car through manual means ever again!

Tajeer Car Rental